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"I AM THE DANDYTECH!" - Thomas L. Lemon Jr.

"Really?" - the wife
"What the?" - the son
"Ok then ..." - the daughter




Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my site!
This site was originally created - well, just to prove I could and oh wow has it grown! Well, not grown so much in the sense of, you know gotten bigger or added more pages of services but more in the sense of ... umm ... like you know when a ... boy meets a girl and ... umm ... ok, so it's not done much ... and by not much I mean well ... anything?
Yeah alright ... well, I got nothing.
Seriously though, I do have some idea's (really) about a few things that might be handy for my friends, neighbors and community so I'm going to get some of that information into these pages to hopefully create a resource for both them and myself. - Thom