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Health Mgmt * Systems Adm * EMS Edu * Martial Arts

.. Fire Rescue Paramedic Instructor - availible to provide CEU's - ACLS, PALS, First Aid, BLS CPR, EMS driver training amoung other instructions - with the unique bonus of a military and self defense background provides the unique perspective to speak on some specialised topics - specifically violent encounters for EMS/Medical, etc. Education background in Political Science, Computer Science and Business Healthcare Management.

New - Dandytech Digital Independant Publishing - consulting and providing assistance for writers wanting to self-publish (but "not so good" with the computer stuff) with print-on-demand or e-book through Amazon or other service of your choice. With some content / copy editing availible (warning: will NOT take on all writers).

Computer Service and Consultation - (reserved primarily for family, friends and colleages) primarily Windows based experience (Systems Administrator 11+ years)  experienced in, networking, data recovery and migration.

- last updated January 24, 2021


Christian - Father - Veteran - Computer Tech - Paramedic